Help me fix my template slideshow and scroll to top button


Hi, i need help with my template i m using gridz responsive blogger template on my blog but it dont show post slideshow on homepage nor scroll to top button even both of these things comes inbuilt in template. I would like to fix both of these any help would be appreciated. My blog-


@FabDev, it is not necessary. It’s completely upon template’s creator. Now, what you can do is- Go on Google and search for how to add slideshow and scroll to top button in blogger.


Code snippet is not working well in reply button so i have upload solution in txt for

Hope this work for you

Happy CodingNew Text Document.txt (954 Bytes)


@FabDev, anytime posting a topic on the forum, you should leave at least your blog’s URL. So that, we would be able to test and recognise well, what is wrong with your blog. And second thing is-

  • Is your blog having scroll to top and slideshow but not working well?
  • Or these two things are not present in your template and wanted to install them?

By your title, the first point has come in my mind but after reading the description, I think your problem is the second point. Is it?



Have you read the read the post clearly. User has already mention his/her blog url. If you haven’t read it, just look at it further


Oh yeah! :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s see if your solution solves his problem.


@technohalf, i have tried your code but scroll to top button still not shown :expressionless:


@Shivansh, i have scroll to top button code in my template and it was working earlier but not shown now. Don’t know what happend maybe i have breaked some part of code while adding other stuffs to my blog. For slideshow i am not sure its inside template or not but its shown on demo blog of template i am using.

check it out here-

my blog url-


Thnx for replies i have managed to get scroll to top button being working again. Problem was that some part of code was included in copyright section of code which hides scroll top button also when i set copyright section visibility to hidded. Now i have remove that part from copyright section.


@FabDev, it is included in your template. If you want to get it, kindly add “featured” label to 4+ posts in your blog. And then, it will appear.

Note: it is “featured” not “Featured”.


Thnx a lot finally i am able to get both scroll to top button and slideshow fixed


Welcome @FabDev. Keep posting such topics. We would be very happy to solve them. :smile:


@FabDev can you please how did you fix the slider and megamenu issue on this theme? I am having the same issue, please let us know. Thanks!

Also are u using free version or the paid version of this theme?


anyone else figured out how to get the slider working on this theme?