Help me Choose SEO friendly Domain Name for my blog


Hello @Mohammad and all other dear bloggers.

Today, I want somebody that can choose the best name (SEO Friendly Name) for my blog. I am going to start a new blog which is all about Blogger Tricks & tips. If you need more info, Kindly ask in replies :smile:

URGENT: Why My Blog is Not Getting any Traffic?

@Mohammad how is this domain is short and have ‘blogger’


You can even choose an easy domain such as or maybe
And going for Blogger Guide: :smile:


@Shivansh Let me search the best one, i will shortly inform you!


Ok @Templatezy I know, you will search the best one for me!


hello Devang thanks for reply. I want .com domain not .in because it refers to India and I want traffic from all over the world!


@Shivansh Dear, bands domains for you,

Generally i dont believe in keywords domains, after Google EMD - Exact Match Domain Update back in 2012. If you want to built a long term blog, then i always recommended for bloggers to grab a brand name instead of taking a keyword.

Brand names are easy to remember and a lot more advantages.

As you want Blogger keyword inside the domain, i listed the below few ones.



i would suggest for you to grab the mybloggershop easy to remember and well, known, Thanks.


these are like mybloggertricks. I have chosen and after some days i am going to buy a custom domain. Should I buy?


@Shivansh dear,

bloggerguiders is not soundly. You can go with mybloggershop that one is unique and easy to type, meaningful. bloggerguiders is not good as compared to that one. Else depends on you!.. Thanks again.


Google EMD is a filter Google launched in September 2012 to prevent poor quality sites from ranking well simply because they had keywords that match search terms in their domain names. Since you suggested the domain name below with word “Shop” in it, do you want to get @Shivansh banned for real? :smiley:

How can his domain name have this keyword when he is just willing to share tutorials and not sell templates. Shop would surely suit your site because it acts like an ecommerce

Your second MybloggerGuide choice is surely good but better not use the MyBlogger prefix of MBT which has already been violated by many people online and have surely effected our brand name. I would expect a new brand identity for his new blog.

Instead of the word Guiders, try tuts, tips, tricks, tutorials etc.

@Shivansh Did you try the Godaddy Domain Availability tool?


Hello @Mohammad, thanx for replying. I want to post about all, tuts, tricks and tips on my new blog that’s why I have not used Blogger Tuts/Tricks/Tips

Yes! I have tried Godaddy Domain Availability tool.


Go with the .co domain option. It is surely new and short too. Most of your best domain names even bloggingtips are available


thank you mohammad. I will surely go with .co domain. I like it because it is too short and also its not too expensive. :smile: