Help in selecting domain name length


hi guys i am going to start a niche site…

i have decided four domain names with length 21,23,25 &29 letters…

but i am in confusion to select the length of domain…

many traffic for niche is from google and social sites only…ITS LIKE EVENT Blogging but no spam…

so its not brand blog… the 29 letter domain has 2 best keyword related to the niche …

now tell which one i have to choose…


Look Bro Many Say That You Should Select Least Letter Domain But The Reality is That You Need To Select A Domain Which Is Small But Contains At least One Niche Keyword.

For Example- Imagine You Have A Food Site Then Its Best Domain Will Be foodzone As this domain is having small length as well as your niche keywords.

So I Recommend You To Select A Domain Which Has Less Letters But Is Having Your Niche Keyword.

Hope You Understand Now :smile: And Good Luck :thumbsup:


@ngtechzone told exactly to the point. Just take my blogger tricks for a example it has blogger and tricks both in so it clearly defines that blogger tricks are available here. And 29 letters :flushed: thats too lengthy and your permalink will look more or less haggard.


Hmm… @skvignesh, I think you should choose a domain which have less character but define your Blog completely.

Its good if you have the keywords of your niche but its not necessary. Let’s take an example of ShoutMeLoud. Does they have any keywords related to ‘Blogging’ niche? No. So how they are growing and popular than many blog and how they are earning 1 million/a month? Because keyword in a blog’s domain and good but not necessary. What you have to remember is that:-

Your Domain Must be

  • Good
  • Attractive
  • Meaningful
  • Short

And one more thing…you should buy a .com or .co domain only if you wanna earn from worldwide or say if you wanna get visitors from all over the world not from any particular country/region .

By the way, can you share your four domains here? So that, we would be able to suggest which one is perfect for your niche. :smile:

Good Luck!