Help: Google Speed test Shows only 46/100


Google speed test shows only 46 out of 100. But when I open my blog, its not that much slow as google shows. What should I do to increase my Page Speed ? I have optimized all post images to minimum size. Open my blog : iDoid Horizon and see its not that much slow as Google Shows. Still I am afraid of losing traffic from Google. What Should I do now ? Please help!


I analysed your site using pingdom tool and found some solution for you.

  1. Use Optimizilla to compress your images. Optimize your images and upload them again.
  2. Your facebook page widget is reducing your page load speed by about 502ms you can remove it to increase your page speed score
  3. Also please work on the advertisement images. The app zero image is of 52 kb, you can easily reduse it upto approx 34 kb.

Other than that, you can do nothing! Just don;t worry about the Page Speed Score by Google because you blog is still having a very good load time just 2.03 seconds.

Happy Blogging! Keep in touch.


Thank you for your support Bro ! Going to do so whatever you told ! Thanks for the solution!


Naman’s point is great! You optimize Image and get better results.

You can also Minify Your Javascripts and CSS by these tools :-

For CSS :-

For Javascript :-

Just go up there paste your matter and then click compress and paste the modified code in your template and you are done! :smiley:


Great Idea @Nafees ! I was thinking about that but m unable to find out a nice site to compress! Google developer site give a tool link to compress but that was useless for me ! The tool was something like Yahoo tool ! But the tool that you suggest is awesome ! Thanks bro ! Gonna try both of your suggestions!

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