HELP! Custom template help, changing widths?


Hi All,

I have a custom template on my blog and have been told that my sidebar width needs changing to 300px for an advertising program.

My template is weird and I don’t have any of the items that I am supposed to have to change anything. Everything says to search for #header-wrapper { and then just change the width,

When I search I get

  • ================ */ #header-wrapper { background:urllink) no-repeat top left; height:260px; padding:20px 0px 0px 0px; } #header-wrapper-bottom { background:url(urllink) no-repeat top left; height:10px;


body#layout #header-wrapper { height:100px; } body#layout #logo { left:0; top:15px; }


This is header area if you want to change sidebar then you have to look for sidebar-wrapper in your body section. Ok paste here the sidebar-wrapper code under header-wrapper you just posted and i will solve your problem.