Help changing text "READ MORE"


Hello friends, I am starting a new blog for a dancing company related to my family. Found a great template and adapted to my needs, already translated almost everything to Portuguese, but can’t find were to change the “READ MORE” that you find on the home page, by mouse over the images on “NOTÍCIAS”.

Can any one try to help me accomplish this?



You can change the read more text by going to blogger >> layout >> Then you will find a widget named as Blog Posts , just in below right corner of it you’ll find the Edit link and by clicking on it you’ll be able to change Read More text. :smile:


Of course that was the first thing I tried, as you can see:

But my template have some javascript or similar, than changes the name.


That’s The Problem which custom templates have that they have custom classes and elements but please give us your blog url so we can figure out that also.


Thanks, my blog url is



Okay Try This -

First Backup Your Template

Open blogger >> template >> edit html >> press ctrl+f to find READ MORE and then you’ll probably find it and then change it to what you want and save your template.


that was the first thing I did as you can see on my first post :\


Maybe it has something to do with the auto read more scripts that have been encoded. Please find in your template for var _0x96a7, copy that line and go to ddecodedotcom to see what exactly the code has been written. If you know how to change it thus that will solve your problem in attempt to change ‘Read More’ line.


ddecodedotcom is a website to sell a book, or am I missing something?!


No. Please change dot with “.” after ddecode. Its a website to decode any PHP hidden code, including eval(base64_decode, eval(gzinflate, etc.


lol what trick me is that the ddecodedotcom really exists!

anyway I tried to use the decoder but am allays getting his error:

ERROR: Unable to decode. If you are having issues, please email us at

Could you help me? :slight_smile:


Here is the result for var _0x96a7


woow thats it, the READ MORE text that I need to change!

So will work if I cut the var _0x… code and paste the decoded result?

sorry but I am not accustomed with this


I’m afraid if you cut that script you will have no auto read more. But you can customize it (if you have permission to do so from the template maker) or you can do manually by adding read more code after you cut that script away.