Having Problems in Setting Up The Blogger ShortCode Plugin


Hello Everyone! Specially @Mohammad. Today, I looked your Short Code plugin that you released recently. It was very good but when I looked its JavaScript to understand the concept of it, i got confused. It took me 1 hour to understood the concept of your short code plugin JavaScript and how it works. It simply grab the css from a word, Like if we put ‘accordion’, then it grab css from **.**sc-accordion. Right?

Now, when i tried to put message boxes that you mentioned in your first short codes post on mbt, nothing showed exclude the word ‘Warning’. So when I went to Google Chrome’s Developer tools and added sc-message in div class, the CSS worked! So I removed sc-message and used .sc-warning, .sc-alert, .sc-success, .sc-info in place of it. but my problem was not solved now :frowning: because fontawesome icons was not showing before words, So I again looked the css that you have installed on your demo page and found .sc-success.sc-message div.title::before So to solve it, I replace it with .sc-success::before and this solved my all problem! Now I am able to use all short codes without any confusions! Thanks Again and hope that you will solve this in your coming post because that css is not posted. :smile:

You can see my short codes lab here


I wonder why are you trying out shortcodes which I have not yet made available to public with a tutorial. This is not a bug, we have not yet released its JS script. The JS file I shared is dynamically updated with new functions once we release the new tutorial. So again saying, kindly wait for the tutorial and then you can try them all!

I guess this confusion is caused by the CSS I shared on DEMO page. I am removing it to stop the confusion. The shortcode List Tag is highlighted whenever a new tutorial is publish so keep a track of new releases by following this page only:

:link: List of Blogger Shortcodes Released

Btw looks great on you demo page :smile:


Thanks Mohammad. And yeah! I will surely look for your new post. :smile: By the way, how are you(after accident)?


Hello all, I installed the plugin today to test the new CSS3 Notifications Box option, but nothing is happening!

I think I followed all steps correctly from here: mybloggertricks.com/2015/04/blogger-shortcode-plugin.html#installation

and from here: mybloggertricks.com/2015/04/message-box-shortcodes-for-blogger.html

but the code “[update headline=“Update”]Add Your Message Here.[/update]” for example, its not creating the CSS3 box :\


Have you first followed the steps to add the JS file in your blog. If not then ask me via PM.


yes I did, using the first link tutorial!


If you have followed that very well, then I could only suggest you to read the tutorial by MBT again or you also can read tutorial given by me on my blog, you can get my tutorial’s URL via private message, just send me a “Hello” if you want it.