H2 Tag Not showing Properly in Blogger Blog? [Fixed]



I have a blog hosted at blogger and I wanted to add a h2 heading in my post but when I add a H2 platform it is looking very wierd and not good. like a normal h3 tag shows within a post :frowning: Please help me @Mohammad @Templatezy. I am not good with code and not sure what the problem is.

I would appreciate a lot if anyone can help me fix this help … :frowning: my site link: Filesmag[dot]com


So Do You Want To Change The Style Of H2 Tag Or What ??


I think, you can not just replace the heading tags without regard to other matters such as CSS.


Yes, If you see there its not normal I want it to show like a normal heading it looks so wierd this way :frowning:


Hi guys do not worry It has been fixed I just googled the CSS a bit and edited it using Google Chrome :slight_smile: Thank you any way


You have to increase your h2 tag font size, color and make bold from your post body section by using css like {font-size:20px; font-weight:bold}. You will find it after <b:skin> and Look .post h2 or #post h2 or similar. Just edit them with your need.