<h1> tag missing in home page in Blogger


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I use this fix and sime online SEO tests shows that <h1> missing from homepage.Is that right? I have a blog in Blogger


Blogger homepage and the header title does contain a <h1> tag but it gets removed when you add a logo in header instead of a Text title. The image then has no <h1> tag to enclose it. I will write a tutorial on how to Optimize this and fix it for better search results.


Ok ,thanks for the answer. I add in my blog ,below < head > , this : < h1 >blog_title<\h1>…is it wrong? I have for header image than text header!Is it wrong too? Please check my blog if you please.


Mohammad, if we add our title in header and then using class, we add display:none then will it work?


@Shivansh I try it and it works but I lost header image in mobile view!!! My template is official blogger.


I think I made it :open_mouth:.

In header widget ,I use custom image behind title and discription .With CSS I make title and description fonts to 1px and I use black color .Now no one can notice the title behind header image exept crawlers(i think!) I dont know if this is SEO approved and if it will harm SEO and my SERP. If somebody want to add something please reply .If this trick is wrong and faulty please notify me!!!

Please check it here


with above trick I lost header image in mobile view :dizzy_face: …can anyone tell me why?


@Nick I wrote a detailed tutorial on this because we were receiving too many request for this tutorial. The mystery has been solved now. :slight_smile:

Please read:

:link: Show the Missing <h1> Tag in Blogger Homepage Title