H1 and H2 Tags Blogger Home page


Hi, I recently changed my blogger html so my blog titles are H1, but if i go to homepage all 10 of my article links are H1. i noticed that this site is able to put them in H2 on home but once you click on it it is H1 on individual page. How do you do that? Is it ok to have 10 H1’s on my home page? bigfootresearchnews.com


Ok I found help on this page How to optimize Header Tags in blogger blogs? but it made my title turn into a link which I don’t really need since I have “read more” link, but it is ok i guess.


It made the fonts small on home page titles but not on posts


ok i used CSS to change font size. You can delete this thread unless you have any advice. Thanks


bro Can you check mine Androidvillaz.com to see if the H1 and H2 tag is right thanks

waiting for reply


Yours show up as H3 on the home page and post page.


which is best to shown up H1 or H2 or H3 it dont know much on Seo can you teach

am having problem with my sitemap i have more 600 post but in my site it showing just 300 index how can i fix that thanks


You want them to be H1 on post pages. I ended up switching from blogger simple template to a good custom one that already had it all set up for me.


You have make it dynamic. Check this two post @Mohammad bro just written. This will solve your problem - http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2015/06/Optimize-Headline-H1-H2-Tags-In-Blogger.html & http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2015/06/missing-H1-Tag-in-Blogspot-blogs.html