Guys Please Help, Getting --> on Homepage


Hello, Friends I am getting these characters on my homepage left top corner. I am using blogger.


How can I remove it? I have tried many ways but still no luck so far… It’s appearing since just now when I tried to edit template. I even tried replacing whole body part with default one but still no change…

Thanks in advance


Yashodan, firstly introduce your Blog to us… then we can see the source code and rectify your problem. Have a nice Blogging Experience.


New users can’t post links…I am restricted to post link as I am new member…Anyway, just remove spaces from below

e n o s a l . com


Bro, May Be I get that… But First of all, make back up of your html template. Just remove that… and If your problem don’t get solve, I can personally customize your Blog. For that, Contact me on .


If problem get solved, then inform me. Have a nice Blogging Experience.


Thanks bro, it seems that problem is resolved now.

Initially it was giving blogger various RED LINE warnings again and again, finally I replaced part of that code with default from original template.

Thanks for helping gesture :slight_smile:


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The--> symbol is displayed in blogger templates when CSS style properties are not closed using delimiters (;) or when HTML comment tags (<!-- text here -->) are not closed.

Whenever you encounter this error look for un-closed HTML comment tags.