Guidance on On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO


can any one share list if on-page seo practice that we should adopt and also the off-page SEO??? i badly need to know if i am working on a right path.

i read a lot on different articles, i am confused. i even contacted many SEO freelancers for their services, they varried from $70 a month to $700 a month, all offering nearly same thing.

secondly i searched fiverr for their seo serices, most of them offered $5 and thousands of backlinks from gov educational sites etc etc, some paramids and every thing in thousands or more, i guess it is black hat seo. we should avoid it ? any white hat seo? that you wana suggest, or some gudelines, that from these stuff i should avoid and these i can adopt,

also tell me is buying backlink good?? if we get quality back links?


@The_Next_Rex Don’t try to make back-links by commenting or illegally , All those are Black-Hat SEO .
If you having a good content on your blog , People automatically links with your site and you will started to get high quality back-links .


black hat seo should be avoided then? and what about buying links?

and can u provide the list for onpage and offpage points that i should adopt ?


Dear @The_Next_Rex , Never use Black hat SEO techniques to get into search engines because it can make your site ranked for just few days, Then Your site’s ranking will be totally ruined and its hard to get it back.

If you want to do Good SEO then Just focus on your Comment and On-Page SEO. Dont think about buying or getting backlinks illegally, As it should also affects in a bad manner.

You can get backlinks by Doing guest posts on different blogs with the same niche as yours.

Another Way is to contact some bloggers who have the same niche blog’s and ask them for a Back Link Exchange. It will quite help you.

Read some Ebooks about SEO and Rankings. You can find one on the internet easily!

Read Mohammad’s and Harsh Agarwal’s Blog’s for SEO Tactics and Techniques!


buying link is not good if you want to busy link so you just buy from dot edu or very famous website said them to advertise your blog and try to do something new it will increase your blog automaticaly


@The_Next_Rex Buying Back-Links was a foolishness thing , Because Search Engine will easily detect the site which got lot of Back-Links with in short periods . So don’t try that


okay, buying backlink is out of option.

what about onpage and off page seo list? just tell me the points i should focus, and i wll search for it and study



On Site SEO List:

Configure Robots.txt file to prevent crawling of admin area Use noindex tag to stop bots from indexing your archive pages (Ex: Search, label, tags, Author) Meta title & description for homepage Sitemap submission to Google, Bing Webmaster tool

On page SEO:

Keyword placement & usage: Title, First paragraph, Image Alt tag, Permalink Use Related Keywords (LSI Keywords) Make sure page loads faster (It’s an official ranking factor) Take care of reading level & Grammar (Readability is another lining factor) Interlink with other posts on your blog Outbound links - Link to relevant page on the web which are trusted & have high MozRank


@denharsh are you harsh ? shoutout loud guy???

i found a list of on-page, i want to know what should i do for my off-page seo? i couldnt find some thing on your blog too.

and for others here is the list that i think i should adopt , please give ur valuable feedback.


one thing more, is directory submission a black hat seo?


Noope! Submitting your site to different directories is not considered as a blackhat seo stuff!

Yes! Denharsh is harsh agarwal, the founder of shoutmeloud!!


ohh okay, so i can buy that $5 fiver gig ? submission to thousands of directories ?


Yeah You can! But Make sure that all of those directories are search friendly. and Not Blacklisted in Google, Otherwise it will ruin all of your SEO!


okay, suggest me any goog fiver gig if u came across :smile:


can you please give a list for off-Page SEO ? like u gave on onpage?? i couldnt find some thing on ur site too. secondly is directory submission okay?


i lol on this,what make you think just commenting considered as blackhat? then you’re also doing blackhat just replying this topic


It is not my opinion its Matts Cuts openion.


On Page SEO refers to settings you can apply on the website so that it is optimized for search engines. The most important on Page SEO Tips are:

Optimized titles and descriptions Proper URL Structures User friendly navigation (breadcrumbs, user sitemaps) Optimized internal links Text Formatting (use of h1,h2,bold etc) Image optimization (image size, proper image names, use of ALT tag) User friendly 404 pages Fast loading pages Google Authorship verification for all pages Top quality fresh content (This is always the most important SEO factor!) External links (no broken links or links to ‘bad’ sites)


I understand the on-page stuff, Wanted to know about off page


Optimizing Title

Take care of the following things while deciding Title for your blog post:

  1. Maximum Length of the Title should be 66 characters. You can use Word Count Tool.

  2. Try to use your focused keyword as the first word of the Title.

  3. Don’t use Special Characters in Title.

  4. Never choose a title which already exists online.

Meta Description

Take care of the following while planning Meta Description:

  1. Maximum Length of the Meta Description should be 145 characters
  2. Use keyword synonym as the first word in meta description

  3. Try to plan the description such that it is well optimised for maximum number of LSI keywords.

  4. Don’t use any keyword tool here, use your common sense.

Planning Headline Tags

  1. Use focused keyword in the H1 tag.
  2. Use H1 tag only once

  3. Use H1 to H6 tags in nested structure.

  4. Google use H1 to H6 titles as page snippets in search results, put your focused keyword or synonym in these tags. Keyword rich headlines are more useful than generic ones.

Keyword Density

Including focused as well as LSI keywords through out the content is very important. If you want to rank the post for a particular keyword, then including that particular focused keyword will work. But in most cases the main focused keyword have a lot of relative keywords which also receives a high amount of organic traffic and appear as LSI keywords in search results. Including LSI keywords in the content will boost up your overall ranking in search.

Follow these keyword density rules:

  1. Focused keyword density between 2% to 5%.
  2. LSI keyword density between 2% to 3%.

  3. Synonyms of Keywords 1% to 2%.

Content Length

Long content is preferred to shorter ones. Google hate content of length less than 500 words. To be on the first page of google you content length should be more than 2000 words.

Image Optimisation

Using images within your content is a great way to make your site more visually appealing. You can utilise these images to help improve your website SEO too, just follow the guidelines.

  1. Use Title tag of the image same as the Post Title.
  2. Start the alt tag with the focused keyword and give a suitable description.

  3. Use web optimised version of the images. Recommended tool: Optimizilla.

  4. Give source to images.

  5. Host images on your server.

URL Optimisation

URL plays an important role in determining the rank of your website in search. Excessively long URLs may hurt search visibility. Follow the tips:

  1. URL length should be not more than 5 words.
  2. URL should contain focused keyword.

My Keyword does'nt show up in google serps till 50 pages?