Got a disapproval from Buysellads, What to do next, wait for 6 months or apply on next month?


Hey guys, I just applied for buysellads and unfortunately got a disapproval :(… Can u guys plz tell me that what I need to do next? Should I apply next month again or I should wait for next 6 months? Any help with an experienced person such @Mohammad will be appreciated.

And please withdraw that 280 words minimum limit to post a query, sometimes u r in a situation when u don’t have words to explain or a question is as easy that it can be explain in just a few lines :frowning:


Look @HusnainMz Firstly Give Your Site Link To Me. And Now We All Now That Internet Is Becoming Big Day And Day So There are thousands of adsense and buysellads alternatives!!.You Should Try Them And Don’t Forget Adsense And BSA As They Are Best! Infolinks and Qadabra are a good adsense alternative you should definitely try them Also PublicityClerks is a good alternative to BSA So Try Them!

Note- I Have Not Given Links To These Site’s To Keep This Forum Green! :smile:


Hi @HusnainMz, BuySellAds are not the only way to monetize your blog. You can start selling Ads spaces by advertising at your own site. You can receive the payments from PayPal and even add PayPal “Buy now” button at your blog.

Let your e-mail subscribers know that you are selling out Ads spaces and maybe someone would be interested in buying from you!

About 280 words limit - Be more descriptive. Like instead of “Plz” you could have used “Please”.

Just my two cents. I hope you don’t mind that I answered you as you were only wanting to hear from Mustafa. :slight_smile:


Ofcourse not, I said any experienced guy. It can be anyone :)… Actually, I want BUYSELLADS approval because I want to find that what will happen next after getting their approval. I actually want buysellads approval not just for getting ads but to find out that how things will go on, I mean what a great feeling it will be when I will get their approval. It’s kind of a target I have chosen… :slight_smile: Hope u understand