Googlebot can't access your site ? [ Google Webmaster Issue ]


Hi, @Mohammad i need your quick response.

Between mid 8th to 9th july my site traffic dropped from 1k to 235 visitors. i was worried that what has happened with my site. i check my site completely and and last…last night google official send me the email that, Google could not access your site. i see that email in webmaster tools too.

here is the screenshots of what i got.

Check the webmaster Crawl Error. on 8th

Check the webmaster Crawl Error. on 9th

My Site traffic from Search Engine also effected. my posts are well showing up in SERP, however, ranking on keywords like “responsive blogger templates” or with templatezy name in search engine seems un-visible.

I also contact the hosting company that i got this issue, they says at our side everything fine with DNS…its a temporary Network level issue. while asked from some pro bloggers they told me. that often with cheap (hosting domain ) companies create such problems. my domain is on HosterPk comapny.

So whats the solution for this problem. should i wait for some time, i also fetch the site again from fetch and index option from webmaster. Please guide me as soon as possible.

My site traffic is now far better today and am only worried about SERP ranking or this will time some time for SERP. this DNS error create a problem for me. What to do forward. please guide me.