Google webmaster tools shows structured data errors but google structured data testng tool shows no errors


The webmaster tools shows there are missing updated and author in my blog, but no such errors are reported by google structured data testing tool. I am confused about the whole thing, Which one is right? And please give an insight on the severity of these errors in an SEO point of view.


Webmaster actually crawls your website, if there is an error it could be a number of things. Sometimes they’re little but sometimes they can hurt your SEO ranking. I left the blogging world for almost a year so things may have changed but from my understanding Websmaster is more accurate. The Structured Data Tool I think is like Rich Snippets or works with it.

I would suggest focusing on Webmaster, if your missing an update it could be theme or plugin related. As for the author…if you are authoring under Admin it looks suspicious with all of the new Google algorithms, you should definitely brand yourself on your blog and there is always the option to use a Pen name if you don’t want people knowing who you really are. Admin just looks robotic and fake.

You can read about different problems through Google Support to learn more about them. Unless you are utilizing Rich Snippets I wouldn’t worry about the structured data tool too much.