Google search position showing wrong


in web master tools my website showing in 7 position in but when I search manually in google it showing on 13 position.

I uploaded image of google web master tools

can any body why?


Look @Yunus_Khan Google Continuously Tries To crawl many sites in seconds so if a article which is more good than your article can be ranked well so i don’t think so it’s an issue try to see this page in webmasters tools again after some hours and see that is there any change? :smile:


Hi @Yunus_Khan, If you see the Search analytic tab, it is not showing the analytic of the current date. Check out the below given screenshot on this link In this image you can see the date mentioned last on 22 june 2015 while I captured it today. So it is clear that Google webmaster not showing you your current ranking but it shows you your in last days. So there is a lot of possibilities in changes of your SERP Ranking as I told you in your another question.

Hope now it is clear to you.