Google plus comments for custom blogger template


Bro It Actually Depends On The Users I Have Invited. So When They Will Be Online They Will Surely Help You. BTW you can get your new response within 24 hours. :smile:


@atul_thakre…please stop posting these like replies in public forum. I know you have problem and I have the solution too. @ngtechzone, thanks for the invite and their is no problem with any wrapper. Its just a problem with custom template.

Please wait some minutes for solution.


Ok thanka for.ur.time anyways!!!


Sorry, i will not post like this any longer


@atul_thakre, you should check your problem’s solution on Google first. Here is a link in which your problem’s solution in present. :smile:

:link: How To Enable Google+ Comments on Custom Blogger Template?

Thanks for understanding brother. :smile:

Note: Follow the Second Process in the post (link above). That will solve your problem.


Bro The URL You Gave Has 404 Error So Please Remove 20rel= in last of url so that he does not face any problem :smile:


Therw is an error 404 on that webpage. so cant acces it


Try again…I updated that link.


cant find “div class='post-footer” which is a step in the above link


find some similar class with footer. Mostly if you have designed your template you should have that idea which class you have assigned to html snippet


i followed the method mentioned on the webpage but gain it didnt work and after doing so the content on the webpage cleared away only sidebar was showing along with header. Then i have to reset the template.


so any other way you know to fix that problem of google plus comment box ?