Google plus comments for custom blogger template


i have a custom template for my blog. I want to add google plus comment box and like box (blogger like box) to my blog. I tried adding using blogger settings but since i have custom template it isnt working. So how can i add google plus comments box and blogger like box to my blog .


I have never heard of blogger like box in my life :sweat: Can you please specify what do you mean.


i mean to say blogger share buttons. The share buttons which are defualt in blogger. It appears below every post, so the viewers can like the page or share it. But since i have a custom blogger template, it isnt working and similarly google plus comment box isnt showing up on my blog. So how can i add the google plus comment box and blogger share buttons on my blog ?


Its Easy Just Follow These Steps–

To Add Google Plus Comments-

1- Go To Blogger >> Google + >> Select Use Google + Comments On Blog .

And As For Share Buttons You Can Add Other Sharing Buttons Below All Posts With Some Service Like AddThis , Shareholic Etc.

You Can Search On Google To How To Add Sharing Buttons Below All Posts In Blogger. :smile:


i mentioned above that i have tried doing what steps you told me, but it didn’t work for me as i have a custom template. So any other way you know to nail the task ?


Okay Bro I Want To Ask You That Are The Share Buttons Working ? Or They Are Also Not Working :question:


Please Give Me Your Blog URL As Well As The Template Name Which You Are Using :smile:


The share buttons are not working just like the blogger comment box


Bro I din’t understand what is the role of Blogger Comment Box Here As We Were Talking About Share Buttons Below All Posts. So Please Explain Briefly With Some Pics Also :smile:


www(dot)techtrickzone(dot)blogspot(dot)com - url of my blog. I have made the custom template myself, so i only gave name to it. - responsive tech trick zone

replace (dot) with .


I mean in default blogger there is both google plus.coment box and share buttons below every post. But that two arent appearing on my blog despite following all the settings to add comment box anf share buttons to.blogger. Please reply fast


Have You Ticked The Share Buttons Option In Blogger >> Layout >> Blog Posts-


Yes for sure and i checked that.many times before and after posting on this forum


I have also.checled.the setting plus comment under gooogle plus option on left of blogger.


Reply please,.!!!******************


Okay Now I Understood The Problem Is That The Comment Wrapper Is Not Showing :sunny: Properly In Your Blog So Now You Should Contact @Nafees And @Shivansh For Your Problem. Maybe They Can Help You. :smile:


I used !!! And ****- because it is necessary to write atleast 40 characters qhile replying.


How to contact them !!!


Bro I Have Already invited them to help you and they must be replying you soon Also I Have Invited @Mohammad Also :smile:


Dont muxh time it will.take