Google Panda, Penguin or any Update Indirectly Rolling Right Now?


Google Panda, Penguin Indirectly Rolling Right Now… Yes or NO ? because My 2 Friend’s site’s Traffic Today sudden Down 10k to 1k, Any One Please tell about New Update if you seeing, Me also Read in Black Hat Forum but there not cleared any new animal update and also my Some friends getting Account level penalty Reason thin Content but that is Good sites.


@Mahendrakumar Something went wrong on may 11th, on that day Google weather fluctuated and heated up to 88degrees that mean Google is updating theirs algorithm.

But matcutts not announce any official statement yet


@Mahendrakumar This would happen due to Google’s Mobilegeddon Algorithm Maybe Your Friend’s Site was not mobile friendly that’s why it is effected.


Yes @MahendraKumar. I think your friend’s blog or site was affected with the new Google’s Algorithm ‘Mobilegeddon’.

Some days ago, Mohammad had posted about it in this forum. You can read it [here][1].

If your friend’s blog was not Mobile Friendly, then may be it’s the effect of this new algorithm. Some days ago, MBT’s author, Qasim Zaib, had posted about how to recover from this algorithm. You can read it [here][2]

Thanks! [1]: Tonight Blogger Blogs will see a Massive Traffic Drop by Mobile-Friendly Google's Algorithm [2]:


@Shivansh has mentioned all. The recent algorithm that Google rolled down is MobileGeddon which effected all non-Mobile Friendly websites, websites which are not optimized for mobile devices.

I informed everyone about it here:

If you are effected you can read below how to recover from it:

:link: How to Recover From Mobilegeddon penalty ?


Yes sir May be but I know his all page are fully mobile friendly but I found a name ‘Phantom’ Algorithm,which roll out right now so maybe Google’s ‘Phantom’ Algorithm Update Hits Websites But I am Not sure


Oh yes @Mahendrakumar, I recently read it in CNBC’s website:

:link: Google’s ‘Phantom’ Update hits websites

Yet, Google has not revealed much information about this algorithm.

According to Gabe-

the algorithm is ruthless, punishing an entire domain when it recognizes a certain percentage of spammy pages.

So may be, your friend’s blog or website have a certain percentage of spammy pages and got punished by this algorithm…

That’s all I know. Good Luck!


I just learnt that from you, we will look into it. You are right we have not seen any discussion right now on any forums and I will keep you all updated. Thank you for bringing that into my knowledge. Google is surely a bully one should always be careful of :rage:


Yes Sir because 99% people using Responsive Template So we can think that MobileGeddon not affecting traffic, But I wanna share that, this is more strict update. If your one site affected to this update then your all site which added in same webmaster will affect 100%. and you will get manual action Messages for all in one hour. and all sites traffic will down in 24 hour. Means its account level penalty After analysis some affected sites found Poor and more Sammy Links. Cross backlinks thin Content These are main reason …


@Mohammad and @Mahendrakumar and many others MobbileGeddon update is over.

Another Algorithm Google “Phantom” Update Rolling Out Targeting Informational, ‘How-To’ Content


Thank you for updating me on that I will inform @qasimzaib to keep readers updated on it