Google is going to completely discontinue the old payments platform from AdSense reporting


. You will not be able to view your historical payment data from AdSense dashboard after the sunset date (June 30, 2015). If you are like me and love checking your early earnings from the time of starting this business, you may want to save your payment history before Google takes it down. Also, it is better to save the payment history for your records since you might need them for income tax purposes in future. Go to your AdSense payment history, export it to.CSV format and then use Excel to export it to other formats. Alternatively, you can use Google Chrome browser and use the PRINT option to save it into. PDF format. Unfortunately, there is no way to save all the details related Payment Type, Payment Date, Payment Number, Tracking Number, cheque clearance date etc. I wish Google had provided some ways to save those details as well.


I too received this mail, better to download previous payments if needed to submit income tax


@Sandhya yes, it’s good to download the CSV