Google indexed posts of my blogs which I didn't even created? HELP


Recently I was checking on google how many of my pages have been indexed by google. So I made on a quick search and found out posts which I haven’t posted. All the posts related to Casino are not mine, I don’t know from where they came from. Even checked by WP dashboard and stuff no such posts were found, the same was not present on webmasters tool also. What should I do?


Lot’s off content updated in your site within 2 days, you are going to trouble. Someone use your site to publish content, without knowing you. Your site is attacked by someone. Change your all the setting of hosting, database password, cpanel password etc.

Contact your hosting provider, and discuss, about someone use my website, without knowing me. They might be helpful to secure your site. Hurry, Up.


Hi @Arjunsinh_Chauhan is right. Its quite a frustrating issue I think. I’m not so sure, but I think those pages actually exist in your Blog. I’m not experienced with wordpress, but check this page -

It opens up a sort of ad for me. Therefore it exists in your site somewhere. I think that you use a self-hosted blog, so you could try checking with your host, if these pages exist, by mistake. Another way is to not delete the pages, but block them with a Robot.txt file for Google. This tutorial should be helpful for that -

All the best


@mohak there are no any problem related to robots.txt. Someone find out vulnerability in him site.

He checkout his wordpress dashboard, he did not found their any post like that. it is mean attacker using their own templates and content to publish content. You need to change your all password, and clean up your site. Just contact your host provider. Hurry up. Your site is attacked two day days, ago. R u sleeping?


@Arjunsinh_Chauhan Oh! Okay. I just meant, since he has the domain, he could try disallowing the new urls, as a temporary solution, until host provider responds.


Just checked cPanel and everything, last login etc is showing my from IP address


your casino posts are still on your site, at least remove them, it should not take as much time, you can clean your site after that. because you do not know what the content is in the site and there are chances that it will hurt your ranking and traffic. and obviously every one above gave correct suggestions


Already deleted. But on google it is still showing the same pages, but now when clicked all return 404.


Now wait for 1-2 weeks. Google will automatically remove the URLs or use Google webmasters to remove them manually and fastly. :+1:


I am not sure, but i guess u can delete the links and resubmit the sitemap so that google can remove those links faster