Google+ Badge Widget Not Showing On My Blog


Hi! Guys today i want your help again. I don’t know what happened to my g+ badge widget. It is not showing up. I tried to remove it and add it again but still didn’t worked.

Waiting for a reply from @Nafees and @Shivansh

Hope you will help help me in fixing this widget.

Thanks for your help.


Are You Using Default G Plus Badge Provided By Blogger Or Other G Plus Badge ? :confused: BTW My G Plus Badge Is Working Fine :smile:


Hi Hassan, From past 3 days I too am struggling to correct that at my blog but with no success. I am facing the same issue. Glad to know that I am not the only one hunting for the solution. :wink:


He is talking about the G+ Badge Widget.


I think this is because you are using the official Google+ Badge widget (installed from Add a Gadget > Google+ badge). I, @ngtechzone is not getting this issue because Probably, he and I am using Google+ Badge Shortcode to display Google+ badge.

If you want to display the Google+ badge right now, you can use Google+ Badge shortcode (inform me if it work for you too) or, simply, you can wait for Blogger team to fix it.

:link: Releasing Google+ Badge Shortcode for Blogger!

And please, stop adding ‘I want help from @blablabla and @blablabla.’ We are all here to help you.


Yes Bro Now This Problem Also Happened To Me When I Switched To Official G Plus Badge. So i Think It Is a Blogger Problem And They Will Be Fixing It So Don’t Worry :smile:


@Shivansh is right, sometimes i have a solution to simple issues like these but when i see @### and @### i know it’s not my place to answer, so i just move along.

hope you got your issue resolved


Yes @Shivansh you are saying right that the badge was working through shortcode but when i switched to official widget it disappeared . You can also test it :smile:


Try the badge widget from google developers


@Nafees, do you think you are needed to go to Google Developers for grabbing a long code? You can do it easily by shortcode plugin created by @Mohammad and shortcode created by me. :blush:

Using shortcodes, you can prevent any changes (issues) on your blogger blog related to Google+ Badge in future.


Yes but If someone needs official one they can grab it from there


I will go with the google+ badge by google developers


Okay Now I will not

want a help from @blabla


But i check the website but i didn’t found the code.


Hows that possible bro? see this link


Thanks It was working now @nafees :grinning: