Google Adsense not showing Ads


Hi all! Yes another google problem yet again! as of a few hours ago google Adsense ads stopped working! this is after i got a notification to UPDATE! for more revenue ads, i made the sill mistake of clicking make changes & now i have blank space instead of ads, Does anyone know how to reverse google updates (Update from google = Destroy) As you can tell bit hacked off, I dont think google want us to use blogger any more as they keep destroying every key thing that we need, From feed to site maps to page navi to google + communities & now adsense. What is going on?


Hi Selvin, clicking on google ads is against google adsense policy if you intentionally click on the ads. If you do so, after verifying your activity on your blog, google sends a google update agreement and when you click they stop showing ads on your blog.

So don’t do that.


My blog also not showing any add, Is it the same reason the bog not getting any Add or some other reoso plus…?