Google AdSense finally approved my blog


Assalam o alaikum friends i am sharing my happiness with you that i have applied for google adsense 2 years ago now after 2 years they approved :smiley: i dont know i did not apply from last one and half year now i dont know how to use google adsense i never read and dont know about it i add add step by step but ads are not showing


First of all Congragulations!

Wait for one week and if the problem will persist then try to contact google as in its privacy policy it says that if ads arenโ€™t showing up on new sign up wait for a week to process them and if the problem is still after a week then you can contact.

and please once lookup your custom robots text that if it is not blocking the google adservers!

Thanx ~Nafees Khan


thank to so much @Nafees i hope so it will work soon


was it previously disabled? then crawlers may take time to fix!


Congratulations @Tariq_aziz. That you got approved your adsense. I have not applied for Adsense yet but planning to apply for it. :smile:


Congratulations @Tariq_aziz. Iโ€™ll surely look upon it. In this post I would like to notify you that your blog review is live now on blogging easier.


@Nafees may be i dont know much about it @Vex you should apply @NamanKumar great work thank you so much bro