Google AdSense disapproved. help me please


I am using .tk domain on blogger blog which has more then 150 posts. But Google disapproved me 3 times saying it doesn’t meet AdSense program policy. Please help. What is the problem? .tk or blog posts quality? One question more does AdSense accept blogspot sub domain?

“Post must be at least 280 characters Have you tried the button?” ----- it is irritating!!!


Adsense has clearly stated that low level domains like .tk are not approved by their team. For getting adsense approval you should either use a TLD or subdomain and for posts quality please share your blog url here so that we may check your blog further :sunny: .


I will buy a .com domain soon. My blog url is


After exploring your blog i found that your chances of approval is around 30-40 % therefore try adding useful as well as posts with unique data. :smile:


@Nitishk , is my site appropriate for Adsense?? my site MuktoTips


@uttam @MuktoTips both of you have a common problem. Adsense will not be approved because yours posts are not lengthy. You must publish posts with at least 800 words. But to get good search engine rank it should be between 2000-2250 words.


@uttam I liked your blog specially the audio books. Great work!


Thanks @NamanKumar for your feedback… I really appreciate it.


Okay i checked your blog an found that your posts are good but are not lengthy as said by Naman , therefore try to write all in one posts which contain useful and detailed data . :smile:


I personally don’t believe lengthy posts are necessary. 200-300 words is okay. I had a event site just before two months and the usual length was very small. It ranked well on serp also on traffic basis it got 1000-1500 views perday. Total I earned from Affm is $460 and from adsense about $150.


Hello brother! First Of All : According to Google Adsense Policy you will not going to approve because of Low Level Domains. So buy a New domain … After that follow below tips :wink: I checked your blog, Saw that you don’t have that much lengthy contents. Try to write atleast 500-1000 words articles … So from that you’ll get higher rankings in SERP’s and will get ADsense for sure :wink: Try to add necessary pages like : about,privacy policy, disclaimer, TOS, contact. It’ll give you more chances to get account approved . IN SHA ALLAH! :smiley: Try to concentrate on your blog design … it’s highly necessary. Your website seems to me ugly because of your design! After these tips I hope that you’ll get your adsense … :smiley:


Thanks all of you…


Ok, @uttam uttam everyone above you is wrong and has no clue what they are talking about.

Adsense doesn’t care about the .tk extension that is not the problem. The problem is your website is distributing content illegally and that is a bannable offense against blogger and Adsense. You can’t offer this type of content for free and expect to get paid for it because you are violating the rights of the publishers.


@Volnus , plz check my site , is it violating terms???


Your website looks fine its content is a little thin I would try writing lengthier posts but it’s compliant.


@Nafees you get hits cool, but how much engagement and how many posts do you have ?


Hey Nitishk, Maybe you are right saying this but I don’t think so. Why? Because I have previously got approval in a .cf and .ml domain which is same as .tk domain.