Google Adsense Custom Search Engine Not Working


I am trying to add a Google Custom Search Engine on my blog from Adsense. But every time i try to generate the code i got the below error.

It’s been more than 2 days i am getting this error. And i am not able to add this search engine on my blog.

Is this only my problem or you are also getting same kind of error.

Please share



Common reasons for error when saving Adsense for search settings:

  • too many keywords - use less than 20

  • keywords separated by commas

  • using IE8 - try a different browser

i hope it will help, for further let me know again what happen when you follow above steps…


@mybloggertricks That’s not the reason for me. I am not using too many keywords. The keyword are separated by commas i am using Google chrome browser.



If that is not issue then please follow 3 simple steps by visiting link below.

Need further help let me know…


Well this is a server problem at Google side and you need to contact them instead. Of course no help can be provided via this forum for such technical issues dear @shahsantosh :smile:

Try using Google Chrome

No need to insert keywords for GCE. Just give it a title, Google can pick keywords itself once it index your site through the search queries


@Mohammad brother , You were right, That was really a server problem from Google side. I was afraid that if it was from my side. Now it’s working properly.