Google Adsense Approval : Not approved yet


I have created some blogs for adsense approval but got rejected every time…so i started a new blog which is all about mobiles specifications and features.As this is the policy of adsense that users may not copy content from other sites,what should be in this case ? all sites have the same specifications and features about mobiles ? i hope anyone give me a quick answer


All sites have same features and specifications but their writing style should differ. Its upon you how you elaborate and explain the features maybe based on your hands on experience.

I hope this helps. Also Mustafa started a new topic and he would certainly answer your queries about AdSense under this topic >> Our "7" Successful Years with AdSense! 7th Happy Anniversary


@MAAZ_khan if you create some blog,s you are not fully & good focus on each blog. just create one blog 1st. and choose these topic of blog, you really are interest. always write quality and user friendly content. nothing are same you just write yourself, and OK, if mobile picture are same but you write different topic about same mobile. @Mohammad always says just use your “common since” but i think ( common since) are not common to every one. follow these step if you Approved Adsense Account (1) keep writing yourself. (2) always use unique content. (3) attach at last one image to your post. (4) create privacy policy page on your blog. (5) post at late 50 post before send Adsense Application. (6) get .com Domain. These are some thing to get Adsense account. but i recommend you, just focus on your Blog, don,t pain to get (Adsense Account). :wink: