Google Ads doesn't earning money on WordPress


Hello friends, I think all are doing well.

My Adsense account doesn’t working on WordPress. It doesn’t mean that it’s not showing ads, It’s showing ads but not generating money.

I don’t understand what the problem is. Can any one know what it is??

P.s: Is My Adsense Account is hosted or non hosted??

Thanks in advance,


Whats your traffic? Clicks? UV? tell me @Rajkumar


@Nafees Mine traffic is nearly 1000 views per day


PV what about U/V Impressions and clicks?


It doesn’t showing any clicks. That is actual problem


First of tell me, from where you got Adsense account? From Google Partner site like YouTube, Blogger or Hubpages? or From your own website?

Also mention adsense impression screenshot.

Also make sure you have added your site on “site management” list (Go to setting > Account > Site management ) or Refer this link


IF you wanna make money from adsense you need tons of traffic on ur site


Hi @Rajkumar

This help forum is for and not wordpress. You will need to go find a differnt forum that’s for wordpress.


@CSdog thats true but this problem is not only related to wordpress but every CMS actually so he can ask this.


ok @Nafees. sorry. i don’t use anything like google adsense.


Ok brother No problem. We are all here to help each other :wink:

Adsense is a advertising program which helps us monetize our web blog or site and earn though it. :smiley: