Give Users a File AFTER They Subscribe [Feedburner]



Yes, you read it right. I have successfully achieved this with Feedburner. Now, you can ask your readers to subscribe to your blog before downloading a file (or any content or even share links too). This file will be available for Download to them after they have been successfully subscribe to your Blog.

Important - Works with BlogSpot Platform only. [Sorry WordPress :yum: You Already have this tool.]


  1. Work with any template.
  2. Small changes are required to do in template.
  3. No need to use Awebar like tools for subscription.
  4. It is totally Free.


  1. You can provide only 1 file for download. (This is due to restriction with feedburner.)

I will Update this Article soon with the real method to do this

Guys - Give your suggestions and feedback.


Robin Singh


Is file available for download in mail using feedburner Communication Preferences option or directly on website


Buddy i will answer it soon. But - Both option Available (Which do you want to give.)


Robin Singh


Thanks but I don’t use feedburner becasue i have no blog but i want to see how you give download link in blogger


Well, It takes two days to publish an article on this topic, after I have changed guidelines for writing content for my blog.

I have released the version 1 of FeedBurner Subscribe and Download Widget for BlogSpot Blogs. [With a E-guide too]

Even, successfully created the Version 2 of This Widget. Currently, I am using this version for my blog. Released it soon.

Here is Shorten URL to Post - [used Godaddy URL Shortner Service]

Post your valuable suggestion about content written.


Robin Singh


@syncboost I could not under what you trying to do in your blog a demo would be better example




Did you know about Subscribe and download Plugin for WordPress ?

If yes, then the widget that i have created works as like above mentioned plugin. For your kind information, there is no such plugin or widget available for BlogSpot which works with FeedBurner before releasing this widget by me.

If no, Just type Subscribe and download Plugin for WordPress in Google. You may find many articles on it.

For Demo - Head over to article, Now go to Heading Subscribe to Download Guide. Read the content mentioned under that heading. Actually this is real Demo and best way to show Demo of this widget to Anybody. Because it is Subscribe and Download file Widget and that’s why it is not possible to create DEMO of this widget.

I will try to add DEMO GIF Image.


Robin Singh


@syncboost It sounds good. I am waiting for your widget. By the way is there any widget for like to download, share to download for blogger?



Buddy - I have Release it already. Here is link to be visit to know more about this widget. [quote=“syncboost, post:5, topic:5173”] Here is Shorten URL to Post - [used Godaddy URL Shortner Service] [/quote]

Ok, Better to install it in your blog. Make some resource which can helps blogging community and use my widget to give it to community, in this way, it will help you to increase the number of subscribers.

Yes, There are too many widgets available which works as like to download for blogger. But, i suggest you do not used them. Because, Most of the Companies Like Facebook, Twitter (including Google) specified in their guidelines that webmasters should not use techniques to increase likes for their pages by locking content via like to download widgets. Google also keep eyes on them.

For Example - Big Giants of Blogging Industry like ShoutMeLoud, Labnol, MBT never use this technique to earn likes for their social pages. But their Hard work and quality content do this job for them.

Share Post to Download for Blogger - There is no such widget available currently on blogger (or may be i have not find).

I have added this widget to my working list for Blogger. Hope that i will make it Soon and Give it to Community. (After reading guidelines, so that, SEO will not impacted.)


Robin Singh