Getting 1000 page view but not happy


Yesterday I got 1000 page view firs time on my blog but not happy with earning only 2.16 $ cpc based and I dont understand why not paid me on CPM.

I created only one ad in adsense size 300*225 (text and display) only, is this why google not paid CPM?

how can I start advertisement selling work and 1000 page view is enough for this business.

thank you


I advise you brother to try with this company and stay away from adsense: g


Adsense is not paying well on CPM these days. I have experienced 30% fall in earnings from my event blogs.


Yes this might be the reason that you’re using only 1 ad so it may not get all the views as nowadays more than 60% users are using ad-blockers which block adsense ads which led to low income. Firstly i suggest you to add 2 more ads in your blog for optimum revenue.

Yes you can surely start advertisement selling work and i suggest you to try for buysellads and i think they’ll approve you !


I guess you are not using high CPC keywords. Check the link below to know about it.

Another Trick is to use Ezoic:

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