Geo Meta tag in webmaster tool and Blogger Post


I am Confused How to use Geo tag? I am using Geo meta tag (India) for my website in html code. Can i also select International targeting as India in webmaster tool? And in blogger post location as India? Help me Out. Can i select the 3 Options? Is it good seo? Which one gives best results? Any one help me out from this confusion?


no one is there to solve my problem. Thank you.


Asalam-O-Alaikum dear,

First of all you should read the topic on google support page that will help you a lot to understand about international targeting, i just found two article which necessary to read regarding international targeting. Follow the link below to read:

What is international targeting?

International Targeting

After landing on the page of Google Support you will find related article list at the right side of that page, try to read all the topic, i hope that will help you or in case need further help to clarify your doubts please let us know, we try our level best to help you out. Peace…!!!