Free Domain + Free WP Hosting + Adsense Account


Hello My Lovely Pakistani Brothers.

Today I’m creating this topic to help my needy brothers from Pakistan and i 'll provide this facility to whom which is deserving, competent, hardworking and friendly person.

As I’m Chartered Accountant & there is more things to do off line so i have no time for blogging or writing or making money with adsense. But i have many domains, some hosting accounts and working adsense account. I should give these resources to some passionate man which is hardworking and crazy for net but not have any funds to buy these.

What You 'll Get:

1. Domain ( if you have your own its good. if not i 'll provide you. if you want something else i will buy for you. :slight_smile: it cost me only 1 to 2 dollars .com .net any)

2.A Good Hosting Account. ( On Arvixe Or Ipage ) to start your own professional WordPress site from day 1. if you have your own hosting, Good. Otherwise use my accounts. If you want to continue your site on Blogger, then Okay you can join too but only if you have a good site. (no offense…i don’t like blogger anymore and you should use WP too if you want huge success and want to own everything at the end. better themes better seo you 'll become full time ninja.)

3. Most Precious Thing. Adsense Account. (not hosted) Working like Hell. You will get your money on time every time always but after taking a cup of tea with me if you are from Islamabad, Karachi or Lahore (you 'll pay cost of tea :slight_smile: ) . If You are from other city we can find a solution for this too. so don’t worry.

If you need something else, i 'll buy it for you. But you should work hard and with full zeal and zest.

I 'll provide this facility to only 5 persons. First come First served basis. last date to get is 15 September 2016

but if you are competent, you can contact me at anytime.

Cost = Nothing. Just want to help those who have financial barriers or some other problems.

Only Contact me on my ICQ number 685464799

download ICQ (a messenger just like Skype ) add me and say Hello.

Success is only 1 message away.

Have a nice day.

Take Care !!


Hi, I have a twitter account and I would like to have income from ads. How can I do it?

Please advise!



Hi @antonis

Message sent to you about this.


Hi, @shahzad478 I will love to have a very good hosting to start my blogging business and a good forum to help people on tech stuff. I will be glad if you can help. GOD bless.


yes i can provide you with these things. contact me on ICQ


Hello Dear @shahzad478 ,

I just happen to read your email. I am so glad that you are willing to help people without any charge. That is indeed so nice of you. May Allah bless you with everything. I am sharing your post with my list at

God bless you :slight_smile:


Hey, would love to work if you would be able to guide. Have spent a lot in scams and then was able to find the right person who can help Mustafa, he is like a brother to me. Was messed up at that time, now looking for some one willing to teach me how to fish. I know little of most of the things.


Hi sir @shahzad478 I want to work with you. I nees hosting and domain name. Plz help me


Download ICQ. and chat me on it. or send me your ICQ number


contact on ICQ. or send me your ICQ number.


What is ICQ ? Plz share link of download it


ICQ is a messanger just like skype.


I got it but How can I find you on ICQ its require phone number or username?


go to settings in icq ------->> my profile -------------->> uin number. send it to me.


Well. I’m an Indian and want to create a blog about hacking tips and tutorials. It really feels weird to ask for it but if u wanna help I’ll be highly obliged


Hi bro mein apna idea inbox mein apky sath share kroonga js sy ap khush hoongy am sure My fb profile is I want to chat here facebook. com /lover.sial Ikram Sadiq Sial


Sorry 2 say that hacking tips and tutorials are not something that i can welcome.

and Google Adsense 'll not work on this type of site too.

so no income opportunities.

rather you can start a viral site or any other which is not prohibited by Google Adsense.

Good Luck.


check your fb inbox for my text. “hello”


Hello shahzad brother.Hope you are well and in good health.I have a twitter account and i want to earn money using can i do it?with advertising or any other way?please guide me