Force SSL : Enable HTTPS in Your Blogger Blog


Many of people using it’s own template design, and does not aware about relative links, so it is cause problem on redirection.

Here is javascript code, that can force to enable SSL, in your blogger blog.

<script type="text/javascript">
        function showProtocall() {

       if (window.location.protocol != "https:")
    window.location.href = "https:" + window.location.href.substring(window.location.protocol.length);

Just add above code, between and .

And your all links will automatically convert from http to https.

Important Note- You may be see, yellow icon bar in addressbar, it is because, you are embed non ssl content in your blog, may be it is some javascript or css code, or some images or something like that in your gadgets/widget. Just make sure, your all the content serve from SSL or https version.

Blogger now Introduced Https security to blogger blogs!

Are you sure it is an SEO friendly method? Because you are simply redirecting visitor and redirecting a url temporarily is not SEO friendly.


Man its not natural, This is not configured on domain settings. I miss experts here. @mohammad. Forum is quite silent. Anyways @Arjunsinh_chauhan No man this is not natural method !


I think it will harm blog’s SEO. Even Google’s some tool clearly says that redirection (temporary) is a non-SEO friendly method.


I don’t think it is harmful for SEO. May be @Mohammad have another tips about this.

I am just looking for how to make https as canonical link tag. Checkout this source page, you will see https as a canonical link tag in 240 line (Check Source Page on Google Chrome). If we do the same, then we can solve problem related to duplicate issue.

Let’s Invite @Mohammad to solve this problem.


my blog is which i connected it to a domain the comment box has problems and i would like to force it to load as https i don’t know where to edit but by inspecting element within firefox i found that adding https to a line of code makes it what i want. this code is:

iframe src="//"

but there is not this line in html edit window to change it. i used your code and it forces site address to https which is not applicable for doman dedicated blogs. the site is not accessible after inserting of your code to template. more information are available at


it will make me happy to help me to do it. thanks


It’s all because Blogger has not yet launched such feature for blogs with custom domain. Wait.


Hello all can i ask something here … i use the ssl for my blog then the all external source i change to https to avoid mixing content but …

everytime i create new article and upload some image , the image appear as http then when i change the post image into https few hours again come back into http

my question is how to create that images post always show as https …

i guest this “data:sourceUrl” not return as https , please help me bro :smiley:

i just know to ask the question here

my blod is