For Bloggers Who feel like Giving Up


Online business is a roller coaster ride which has many ups and downs. If fluctuations in your running business and online endeavors did ever disappoint you or make you feel like you can no more take it, then remember an ant climbs a wall a hundred times before it can reach the top, if that little being is so strong then why not you and me? Stand up and remember there is always a new sunrise! :high_brightness:

Never give up and keep trying, who knows you are just a step behind! Keep your trust in God and keep working harder and do not look at people who are elite, look at those who are minor than you and who can not even read or write and always focus on your work and limit your vision to your skills and work space. Let the world sing what it likes, you always listen to what your heart sings for you.

God bless you buddies. Wish you all a happy weekend! :revolving_hearts:


Thank’s For That @Mohammad Really an amazing post. Well i have not heard it before.


Giving up is like killing yourself!

Thank you @Mohammad for this inspirational post!!


@Mohammad, I am so inspired reading this. Glad that you are using the community category for such motivational topics too. That is so true. We never know how close we are for a big opportunity to knock our doors. The Bible says - Thank God for what you have and trust God for what you need. And of course without hard work your signature will never be called as an autograph. The track you shared was food to soul.

Positivity is contagious. Thank you Mustafa. So happy to start my day with this positive post. :relaxed:


thank you dear @HassanTahir and @adeel for finding it useful :grinning:

@rohan I am glad you read bible too. Such a beautiful quote, it is the fundamental to happiness and without it rarely can one achieve eternal happiness. Learnt more from you today :innocent:


@Mohammad you really inspired me and always been.

I am disappointed a lot in my blogging career but i continuous my struggle and will be forever when we have PRO Bloggers like You. All my blogging credits goes to @Mohammad.

Thanks for your quotes, its inspired all of us a lot.


Great inspiration @Mohammad

The persons who want’s to Give up with any reason are the guys without having the guts to face the problem.


Thanks @Mohammad For this motivational Topic. Newbie Bloggers always in need of getting motivated from the Seniors like you.

I am Happy to see that you are still spending time for the Newbie’s from your Busy Routine.

Thanks for this Great Motivational Topic.

As I often say’s that " Don’t Get Challenged by the Problem’s in your life, Try to Challenge them"

I Blog for Living!


Thank you all for finding it worth reading and useful. Every weekend I would try to share something that comes out of my heart and straight to you guys. I am learning a lot from this forum from all of you. Thank you for being a precious resource of knowledge and thank you for keeping this Forum alive. Fortunately we are close to 1000 Registered members today! :smile:


i am not feeling well nowdays but after reading I think we keep doing this till get success


Oh! What happened to you @Tariq_aziz? Are you okay?

And Mohammad, congratulations for this huge success of this forum! All credits goes to you for creating this amazing and beautiful forum that helped many newbie bloggers and experienced bloggers. :slight_smile: :+1:


Nothing some problem with template and seo last week my traffic got down now I get only 1000 user daily


Thank you @Shivansh Credit also goes to you guys for keeping it alive.

@Tariq_aziz Is your site mobile responsive or not? It could be the Mobilegeddon penalty?




I want to make more Pages like u have made in your Site. For Example: and Does the Hostgator Hatchling or Baby Plan offer you to create more pages like this???


These are not pages, these are sub-domains.


You can search the forum for sub-domains.