FontAwesome 4.5.0 Just Released!


Hi Blogger.

I and you also are familier with FontAwesome icons. It’s being used by probably, 98% of bloggers here. That’s why I am posting this topic here to give news about FontAwesome icons.

Dave Gandy (creator of those icons) have just released new version of FontAwesome Icons. This new icons contain:

  • Updated versions of Google icons.
  • New 20 icons excepting Google icons.

And the new stylesheet can be used by adding this url in your template:

<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>

The link I have given above is compressed version of FontAwesome icons. Now, you can remove any previous FontAwesome link hrefs.

Pros: Now you can get 20 icons and updated google icons.

Cons: Some of the icons are not supported in Internet Explorer 8 or previous. If you want all supported icons, please install icons of version 3. (it’s version 4.5.0).


Have a wonderful day. :smile:


Thankyou brother for this news, Does this include blogger icon?


No, sadly. I have tweeted him about this. :’(


3 updates and still…

Blogger’s not getting the place which it deserves on the internet :frowning:


Hmm…you can use Zocial icons instead. I have used them and they are smooth as FontAwesome icons and they are light than FontAwesome too!


I would suggest raising your concern in the following GitHub issue

Its open for more than 2 years now but they still haven’t included a Blogger icon