Font size and style is not updating on blog post


When i write blogger posts, I use the tool bar to change the font to one of the available options like Times and i increase it to large but when I publish the post and view it i find some paragraphs are in the font size and style i chose and others aren’t. Why is it not updating? what do i need to do? Please share simple steps of what i can do…

thank you !




Because, Each blogger template has already specified font for Post-Body. If you choose to show Times New Roman for some content, then balance content will be displayed in default font specified by template.

You should change Font-family property for post-body in your blog template to Times New Roman.


Robin Singh


Times New Roman is the default font, so, better remove the font-family property in your template. And it’s not conventional to have a different font-style in every post.


In the blogger editor you can see compose mode and HTML mode. Which mode you used to edit the font size. If you have used the compose mode, then try to make changes using the HTML mode. I have experienced this problem recently and I corrected it in that way.