[FIX] Thumbnails of "Popular Posts Widget" Opens Posts in a New Window


I have sought help from the folks here a few times with quick and accurate resolutions, thank you for that. I wanted to bring this to people’s attention who might have the same issue and share my resolution.

I use the standard ‘Popular Posts’ widget, no CSS or other modifications, and found that when I click on a post’s linked title it opens correctly with no issue. However, when I clicked on the same post’s thumbnail image it opens correctly, in a new window.

Within the widget code, it was being told to do exactly the problem I described, to open the thumbnail link in a new window.

<div class='item-thumbnail'> <a expr:href='data:post.href' target='_blank'>

I simply removed the section target=’_blank’ saved the template and reloaded the page to verify.

Bam! Fixed it!

Hope this helps.



Thanks buddy. This made me learn a new thing. :smile: Keep participating like this.


Thank you @InfernalWriting for sharing what helped you and for contributing it to the fellow blogger users


Thanks for your nice advice it worked for me as well and saved my one day.