FireFox not showing template correctly as it should


Hello guys, my first post on this forum!

My problem is:

On my custom template, on my blog

if you enter with Mozilla Firefox you will notice the sub-menu is not showed correctly, some links are pushed to the bottom!

Its working fine in any other browser so I don’t know what to do to fix this.

Can anyone help me?


I guess you have troubleshooted yourself with cache. Delete your browser cache and recheck your blog because it looks just fine on all browsers including firefox. If you think there is a design bug then kindly attach a screenshot so that I could better guide you


My cache is well clean, I recently formatted my computer (not for this reason) and I keep getting the error, look at the screenshot:

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


I see no problem at all here on my FF browser :confused:


Seems like an add-on or extension that might be causing it and you blog also keeps on loading because of adhitzads, try to avoid all such ad networks because they often have scripts attached to them that executes in backgrounds and effects the site load time.

I see no problem with your stylesheet, it is loading fine on Firefox 35.0.1


Ok Mohammad, thank you and I will reinstall my extensions one by one to find to conflict :smile:)

About the loading time, great you mention that because I was planning to ask the same question, but I thought the problem was with the Twitter script!

Don’t you think this script is the biggest cause for the loading page to be so high?


twitter servers are pretty fast and are mostly CDN based with cloud infrastructure so it can never be twitter but third part ad services that you use


Ok, I was planning on remove AdHitz banners for some time, will try a final cashout and leave :slight_smile: