Finally! Google Updated Privacy Policy for Blogspot Sites. You Should Know What They Quoted?


Hi, Guys Being a blogspot developer i am 24/7 working on blogspot platform and get instant updates and news from them. What today i seen, if you visit your blogspot dashboard you will find out a message from Google official about privacy policy. lets check below.

Adult content policy on Blogger : Recent Updates

Starting March 23, 2015, you won’t be able to publicly share images and video that are sexually explicit or show graphic nudity on Blogger.

Note: We’ll still allow nudity if the content offers a substantial public benefit, for example in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts.

For more detail: click here.

I would strongly recommended to every blogspot user to stay away from such contents, this will throw you into a big trouble. Time to analyze your site, and remove all such contents they are strictly forbidden in recent updates.

I hope this is something big, you found useful for your blogspot site.

When will be the next PR update by Google?

Thank you templatezy, that was certainly kind of you to have updated us all. I would agree to what you just warned most publishers with. I hope from this policy onwards, the content shared will be suitable for a much wider audience as opposed to previous one which allowed explicit content to badly impact blogger’s reputation

Now all such nonsense sites will be blocked and put to trash, great move!


Yes @Mohammad, This certain changes will make blogspot more POWER…Time, to see pornography sites in TRASH…{ be ready Recycle Bin you will have cakefood soon.}

Love you Google for “picking the dirty dots from platform”.


Yeah! I got that notice some hours ago. Thanks Google for removing that dirty pictures from Internet! :slight_smile:


Hi @Templatezy, I too got that notice above the dashboard. Thanks for sharing the news. :slight_smile:


Ya, It is a great step forward for porn free Internet.


@Templatezy Google has now changed the policy see this

This week, we announced a change to Blogger’s porn policy stating that blogs that distributed sexually explicit images or graphic nudity would be made private.

We’ve received lots of feedback about making a policy change that impacts longstanding blogs, and about the negative impact this could have on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities. Blockquote

…Read Details Here


Good sense prevailed, if Google tries to enforce censorship, it will be digging its own grave.