[Feature] Show new Topics in Category Menu and Highlight the Best Solution


Hi @Mohammad, As ask.mbt is growing like a Ocean Day by Day, there are many posts related to Review.

I Can see most of them .. Please review my blog OR Want a Review of My New Blog and so on.....

It will get difficult to check actual Quarries to help.

I wanna suggest you to implement Post by Category on Home and, that such kind of post may filter to improve the actual theme of MBT & could be serve better.


 1. Anouncements (10 new)
 2. Design Templates  (8 New) 
 3. Monetization (2 New)
 4. XHTML/JavaScript (5 New)
 5. SEO Settings (20 New)
 6. Announcements
 7. Customization
 8. Reviews (100+ new)

And I also Suggest to Close the treads once it resolved, so that there will be a new treads for new users. Change Subject as [Solved] Title of post

Hope it may Help you @Mohammad


Hi Friends Please Vote me If you agree with my Concern.

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Agree with you @chinnilax :blush:, I’ve been request for this too on other topic


Agree. This change will help us to help others more quickly. :smile:


Thank you @Mad & @Shivansh supporting, I think we need more Votes

Please from @Rajkumar @HassanTahir @HusnainMz @HarmanSinghHira @Harshit alex_khan @AmmarAli ahmeddcc159 @Templatezy @mybloggertricks sorry I can not add more than 10 Users…


@chinnilax I totally agree with you :+1: I think that’s a good idea


Hi @chinnilax

That is surely a nice and wise advice and I have saved your recommendation in the TO-DO List and will surely try to apply it

Closing the threads. I will surely apply it from now onwards, was thinking the same since a week. The reason why I did not implement it because we thought may be users would love the freedom more instead of closing the posting option on solved threads. But since many recommended we will now let posts to be automatically closed after being solved


i agree with you but for closing thread after 1 week may be any one can suggest better than others


If we have solved topics it will diffidently help to users who checking for same kind of issue.
I did’t suggest to close completely to restrict more comments. We can keep on update the same post and more comments, appreciation to be added but the title shows it just having a solution instead keep asking quarries and also Highlight the Exact Solution in the tread.

What you say @Mohammad


@chinnilax I agree with you :smiley: Highlighting the exact solution is a nice idea.:thumbsup:


Loved your previous suggestion @chinnilax and I am glad it got implemented by @Mohammad sir. But I think a solution to the problem can be seen as a collective discussion we had. Highlighting a response might or might not answer a given question completely. A collection of comments can contribute to an amazing answer.

Also, in the long run this scheme has potential to create unnecessary drama in the forum.

Let me know your thoughts.

-Rohan Chaubey.


Just like in Yahoo Answer site :smile: instead locking the thread…


Yes @Mad, I saw the same SOLVED option in stackoverflow,

Its very nice, If we have 1 Answer, 2 Answer … If thread have morethan 1 Solution.

Let think @Mohammad on this,


I would agree with rohan where he said[quote=“Rohan, post:11, topic:1467”] Highlighting a response might or might not answer a given question completely. A collection of comments can contribute to an amazing answer. [/quote]

A single answer does never offer full understanding of the problem, therefore a collective discussion always brings a more constructive solution to the problem

Further Blogger Help Forum can not be adopted as a Q&A Quora portal because we are more like a discussion portal where ideas are shared and the community members are rewarded through badges and Trust Levels. We can not adopt the structure used by stackoverflow itself because stackoverflow and stackexchange are not discussion portals but Q&A system where users only come to read the best answer most often, rarely reading the rest.

However I do like the voting up the best answer feature and I would discuss it with @codinghorror and @Sam_Saffron and see if they can develop such a feature for this forum exclusively.

Thank you @chinnilax for such great advises. Such Community feedback is what we value a lot. :dizzy:


Its my Pleasure, all are for growing Help Forum and same time simplify to learn more for us too.



We have a similar feature on the near roadmap which would solve the majority of the need.

One of our enterprise customers is commissioning us to build a “solved problem” plugin that basically adorns the topic list to show a problem was solved, links the solution from the top and add special styling to the solution.

Reordering the stream and voting on best it out of scope though and not something we are planning on building.


Such a plugin which will allow the poster to pick the post that best answers his question and highlight the solution is surely the most demanded feature by us all and this will add a new life to Discourse and its amazing functionalities. I just hope that plugin is added by default in next updates and does not need a custom installation :slight_smile:

Thank you Sam on behalf of everyone. You surely shared a great news!