Feature request to let users close the Topics created by them


Hello, Today I wanna suggest a new permission for askers (the person who post the question).

You can give a small permission to askers by which they can close their topic when they feel that their problem has been solved. It will also reduce admin work to close topics.


  1. I think its a bug. I have all things which are mentioned in Trust Level 3 but I could not got it. Why?
  2. Actually Its not a bug but a small improvement is needed on post editor. When a user click B Button to make the text bold, a new text appear **strong text** and it’s all words including stars are auto selected. You can modify it So that when a user click B button to make the text bold, all text [except ** (starts)] will auto select.

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I can’t not get what type of new feature you want. Please elaborate @Shivansh


Okay yeah, I also think that there should be option for the topic author for close the topic. Let us wait for @Mohammad reply.


Hi Shivansh,

I am not sure about how this Forum works but mostly what I have seen is only people with Moderators or Admin profile can close a Thread/Topic. [This is in case of WordPress forums which you create using plugins].

Also at some forums even after the Threads/Topics are closed, the Admins and mods are still able to add comments/posts to it or can open the Topic again so this might cause some problems if someone re-opens a topic.

Further, it would be great if only Admins exercise this power as some new users would close the thread or Topic immediately when they get a solution. In the past, There have been times on this Forum when members posted their questions and immediately posted a comment saying their issue was solved. So, they might close the Topic even before anyone contributes their thoughts under the topic.

And probably this might require a new set of rules to be written that must be followed by all the members to effectively close the Topics.

[This is what I have noticed on other forums. And I am unaware about the working of this one]. Mustafa sir can explain us better.

Talking about the bug you reported, That might not be a bug. I too didn’t get TL3 even after the pre-requisites were satisfied. But later I did. And what rights you get can probably be controlled by the Admins. Wait till you get to hear something from them.

I make my words/sentences BOLD by first selecting the text and then hitting the ‘B’ Button. Or Hit the ‘B’ Button and then edit the words in between the double “*”. And it works just fine. :slight_smile:

~ Rohan Chaubey.


this is what i am requesting. Left Side is Present, When use Click on B Button and the right side I am requesting, when user click the b button.


I understood your request very well Shivansh. I appreciate that you took efforts to place the screen shots here. Oh okay let Mustafa look into this.

But I think we can do it manually. The members who play with so many codes can at least place their texts between the two * (asterisks).

Further, Formatting can be done once you type the entire post. Once you are done with the typing, select the texts that you want to make bold and hit the ‘B’ Button.

~ Rohan Chaubey.


Yes! But this can frustrate new users If they wanna bold many words in their post. And this will add more flexibility while writing a post.


Rather then using the bold button, you can simply write down what you want. Then select that text with ctrl+shift+left or right arrow key. Then just press ctrl+b. Simple your work is done. Do thumb up, if you liked this shortcut.


I am agree this is good point people can close their own topic but this can not happen because if you know about forum it can be happen by only admin or moderator so it is very good thinking but it is impossible because admin will have to give trust level or editing authority to every one and this is not good way to running a forum but i like your suggestion


The above is also seems to me a Bug, when ever i try to Bold Some times entire text is selecting of showing double asterisks instead of bold it.

@Shivansh I think closing a thread by self may misuse in some cases, like spammers may create post and close it with out even a single reply. so I think its a bad Idea.

I Vote for: Threads/posts must be closed by Admin or Mods :thumbsup:

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i am agree with chinnilax thread should be closed by admin or mod