Feature Request For Forum Improvement [Restricting Review Category]


Hello evryone

I’m comming up with a feature request to @Mohammad. I request everybody to give your views regarding this.

We all know that lots of blog review requests are comming to the forum. I think that should not mix with other important queries on the forum. Rather there should be seperate section for it.

There can be a seperate page for it, with a list of blogs to be reviewed. Forum members can add their blogs in that list via an option, but only once in 2 months. List will be sorted by date. Members can visit that page and review other’s blog to help them. When any blog gets the required review, Ninjas or admin @Mohammad can close the topic and can remove the blog from the list.

This will make the forum more clean and effictive. Please share your views regarding this feature.



@NamanKumar, Its a nice Idea to Implement. Bcz when ever i visit ask.mbt there are lots of Review requests. For me I really dont have much time to review and also i’m not much expert.

So filtering option may help me to see what are new updates from Blogger Tips and SEO kinda…


Hope @Mohammad also like this concept. This will also reduce the problems with bad discription of the blog in the request. Like if I’m puting a request to review my blog and I’m not giving much information about my blog. Then it will become little difficult for one to give a review of my blog and how can I improve it. But if we’ll create a seperate section for it, we can have different feilds to be filled up like:-

  • Blog Age
  • Discription
  • Traffic it gets
  • Subscribers etc.


@Shivansh @Rohan @Mad @Templatezy @shoutersclub, you guyz please discuss on this idea and give your recommendation or suggestion. :smile:


Well, Its a Good Idea but not so good. New Users have to list there blog on every section if they want to get review of all sections.

I think we don’t need this feature. When any normal member write his/her topic, He can list all thing in that post which he wanted to be reviewed. So It is not a good idea.

Give Your Reviews all Other Members. :smile:

Hope You Understand. :smile:


I respect your view point, but what I feel is that, if the number of review request will keep increasing, this will certainly be a problem because this forum is much ahead than just a “Blog Review Hub” !!! :frowning:


Hmm. :disappointed: I think you are right. Here’s Your Thumb Up! :+1:


This would be great if @Mohammad really putting this feature on our beloved forum :man_with_gua_pi_mao:

Maybe adding auto prefix on title like [Review] will be great too, this review request thread will be more organized. :angel:


Hi @NamanKumar (Naman), I appreciate your suggestions and its all upon Mustafa sir whether they could do anything like this or not. Tho we already have a separate section for reviews that is the ‘Reviews’ category.

The most important thing for now is to reduce the amount of review topics being started by the members. It would be really great if members follow the guidelines while asking for a review. They need to ask at least five questions. This is mostly overlooked by most of them. If they can’t invest their time in asking questions so why will a reviewer dedicate his previous time in their blogs.

I hope we find a solution to this before sorting the review topics.

-Rohan Chaubey.


Based on the current request I have forwarded it to Forum administrators and also @Mohammad

From no onwards only members with trust Trust Level 2 can ask for a review, new annd basic members will not be allowed to ask for a review unless they have contributed enough to the forum.


I have made the following changes to the review Section

  1. Trust Level 0 Can Reply/See
  2. Trust Level 1 Can Reply/See
  3. Trust Level 2 Can Reply/See/Edit
  4. Trust Level 3 Can Reply/See/Edit

I hope these settings will prevent spam and will encourage better participation in the forum

cc: @Mohammad


I liked the changes as this will really increase the participation in the forum. The reason why we all love this forum is that, we have people (admin and others) here who listen to us and discuss about our needs, I think @Rohan and @Shivansh also thinks the same. Thank you so much @samurai for doing the changes.


Glad that you came up with this new rule. We appreciate it so much. :slight_smile:



That was an excellent advice and I have read the recommendations by others as well in this thread. I have made a slight change to the privileges granted by @samurai

The righst include

  1. Anyone Can Reply/See
  2. Trust Level 2 and above Can Reply/See/Create

This will allow both registered and non-registered members to access the category and participate with either read rights or both read/write rights.

BC: Thank you @samurai for making the quick changes and I would also request to Kindly check the Docker for system updates, new commits have been delivered and I can barely access them via mobile.


You are always welcomed Naman. We can not make any change unless the community asks for it and that is one exclusive thing I liked about this forum and volunteered for its development and maintenance services

I would request Trust Level 2 members to use the Invite option on your profiles and start inviting friends in order to empower this place even more.

@Mohammad You dont need to says thanks pal, that’s my job! Please check the PM for log entries. Done that. :wrench:


I’ll suerly invite all my blogger friends to this forum :smile: Thank you!


A Pleasure always everyone and thank you @NamanKumar and @samurai. :clap: Since we have successfully served this request we are now closing this thread.

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