Favicon not setting in blogger site


I set favicon for my blogger site converting into .ico I upload it from layout option but still not showing up I also add link icon into blogger html part 16-17 icons but not working :frowning: please help me trying from yesterday night. icon format is 16x16 also I tried 32x32 :cry:



I can see your favicon Ritesh! Which browser are you using? please specify


Moxilla firefox browser latest version also


Umm it may be because of cache try to paste this in your browser about:preferences#privacy and click on clear recent history and only select cache option and clear them and then restart firefox and then view your blog :kissing_smiling_eyes:


wait 5 mionutes please waiit :disappointed:


@Ritips, your favicon has been set successfully but it is not appearing for you because of your browser catch. Just do the following:

Go to:- view-source:[YOUR_BLOG_URL]

Press F5 button from your keyboard 5 times (2nd after the page stops loading).

Now you will see it. :blush:


Thnx nafees it worked shicansh I will try that next time but seem to be work :smiley:


There is a setting in the template page to set the favicon. Gto Blogger Template > FavIcon > And Choose any default favcion. You can upload your own also.


May be after some time it gets refreshed. or just remove your cache and history and try loading the page again.