Favicon is not working no matter how many times I upload it?


Mohammad I did try several times uploading favicon.ico image through Layout > Page Elements > Favicon Widget, but when I visit my site, the same orange blogger favicon is displayed and not the one I uploaded. I also deleted browser cache and cookies but no use. Kindly tell me why is the favicon not updated and replaced with my custom one.

favicon not working in blogger

Update: The favicon does display but after 3-4 hours of waiting but I can still see no favicon in internet explorer. The favicon is not working in IE browsers. Kindly help in this case also


That is a problem with browser’s cache and it has an easy hack. Once you have uploaded your favicon , visit the source file of your blog by clicking Ctrl + U then search for favicon url which is located at top near row#12

favicon url

Click this link and then keep pressing F5 to referesh the browser window. Within seconds you will find the blogger default favicon replaced with your custom icon.

As far as the Internet Explorer visibility issue is concerned , I have written a detailed tutorial on the blog, please read it to know how to add favicon to your blog template correctly:


Kudos Mohammad!! Its working just fine now. I was stupid to rename the icon as my-blog-facvicon.ico instead of simply favicon.ico,

It works fine on IE now and also the older versions of IE. Thank you man!


I might also add that Ctrl+ F5 refreshes the page and clears the cache file (force refresh). This might help in the future if you face same situation again. Try it on IE and see if it helps.