Facing serious problems in customizing my blogger template


I am using template “Daily V2.0”(see at: www . bloggertheme9 . com/2013/03/daily-v20-blogger-theme.html) for my blog. My blog url is: http://docodebecoder.blogspot.com , please take a look. When I am going to customize it as my wish, I am facing the following problems:

  1. I don’t want to show post slider. When I remove this widget, it remains blank space. How to remove this widget, so that there is no blank space?
  2. Similarly, I don’t want any sidebar between posts and right sidebar (in my blog where “Popular Tags” is shown). When I remove this widget, it remains blank space. How to remove this widget, so that the post width increase through right and no blank white spaces?
  3. I have set to show 10 posts on per page. But only 2 posts are showing in per page. How can I control it?
  4. On home page, under the post title it is shown that “Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE” instead of post content. How to correct it?
  5. I want that after each post “read more button” is shown. How can I do it?

Here is the xml file that I am using on my blog: http://filepi.com/i/Br6Epwg After visiting my blog and seeing the blog .xml file, Please help me to solve these issues. My email: shahidul.cse.brur@gmail.com


Hi @shahidul_brur, Welcome to Blogger Help Forum.

Answer: I think the widget which you removed might be having some corresponding code in your template too. It would be better understood by having a look into your code.

Answer: It is shown on the Home page only. And Not on the right side of your posts. Things seem to be confusing and it would be better if we can use Teamviewer or you can grant Admin access so that a quick look into your layout would help. There are many Templates to choose from. The one which you have chose has slider and sidebars you don’t wish to have so you can prefer changing your template. And most of them will provide all the things you prefer having just a better search would help you solve your problem.

It is advised to have 10 or less posts shown on the home page to make your blog load faster. In your case, it shows 2 posts so if you wish to have 10 posts just follow the following steps:

  1. Go to your Layout tab and click on “Edit” in the blog post widget area.
  2. You will see a pop up window.
  3. The first option shows “Number of posts on main page”.
  4. You can adjust that number shown in a text box to 10,

Yes it can be seen. But as you are removing the slider so you should not worry about it. And as far as posts which appear other than on the slider are shown, they appear to be normal. On the slider you might be seeing it as you might have not entered the description for that posts. Or you might have altered the template somehow.

As I mentioned before, A change in the template would do much good for you. Many Blogger Templates come with Read More buttons already installed you can use them to save yourself from any coding issues.

If you still wish to have Read More button on your current Template refer this post of MBT: http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2011/06/10-ways-to-style-and-create-more-links.html

I hope this helps.

  • Rohan Chaubey.


I have provided the link of the .xml file of my template. It is http://filepi.com/i/Br6Epwg Can you have a look into it, to solve these issues? It would be better if you correct the template xml and return me it back.

Actually, I have edited many thing of this template. So I am not interesred to change this template. It would be better, If I solved these using this template instead of changing it.

Thanks for your reply. Waiting for your next reply.


Hello Shahidul, Welcome to Blogger Forum. I have edited your template and returning to you.

Plz tell me after using this, You like it or not.

What Changes I have made?

  1. I have removed featured post slider completely and successfully without any white space
  2. I have removed the sidebar that is between post area and original sidebar
  3. I have increased the size of post area and sidebar
  4. I have created a better and responsive header
  5. I have also solved all your problems listed above.

How to Download?

Just Go HERE and download the edited template by me.


Go HERE to see the demo.

Hope It Help You!


This may help you bro, Widget Customization.