Facing problem with google plus


hi all after the new post i am share my blog post to google plus in public so google displaying my website post through google plus share post not direct to my website.how to remove or hide my google plus option in search engine, my website is aproxx one month old and it is adult website so it is right here to ask doughts about adult site or not? please help me


hi any one help me please…thank you in advance


Adult site? Did you read TERMS ?? https://www.google.com/intl/en_ALL/+/policy/embedded-content.html

Please check:

Make sure that the location on which you embed Google+ content adheres to the Google+ User Content and Conduct Policy. For example, do not embed Google+ content on a webpage that promotes illegal activities, contains sexually explicit material, or includes malicious code.


bro i use custom domain now guide me please


And? The problem is the content, not the domain.