Facing link Problem in blogger blog


hello everyone! specially @Nitishk, @Nafees and @Mohammad

Please visit my blog

Paaris Sohail - Official blog

When I Open my blog, link gone to these Address



i am really worried

please help me out…

thank you so much :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I Think There Is A Script In Your Template Which Is Adding #sthash.6tSenk19.dpbs In End Of The URL.

Try Searching For #sthash.6tSenk19.dpbs In Your Template And Removing It .

Tell Me If It Worked Our Not :smile:


The Template you are using by template clue is actually a HTML converted blogger template.

So there are several or almost 80% code which is not written by the author. One of the scrips are the reason for this.

There are some four encrypted or obfuscated scripts in your template’s file.

And several other google drive external scripts.

The author may have tried to come upon but couldn’t as there may be some functions related.

I’ve tried to remove it but its useless as live time editing is not possible.

Now you can contact the template author and ask him for a solution.


@Nitishk i already try this but i can’t find any code like this

@Nafees temme any other solution ??

and maybe @Mohammad have any solution of this problem…