Facebook Comments Plugin not loading inside jQuery Tabs


7 days ago I posted this article but not found any solution from this forum. Now again post this. I have a little Bangla blog. Before 6 months I added facebook and blogger multi tab comment box using jquery switchable tabs. These time there have no problem, but after update facebook comment box I am facing some problem. When I click on blogger comment tab there has no problem, but when click facebook comment tab then facebook comment box is not appear. This problem only Mozilla Firefox browser.

I am using such kind of code - https://goo.gl/TV4nI4

My Blog - http://www.prozokti.com

Plz help me -


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It has a simple fix. You need to reload or re-render the Javascript that makes the FB iframe appear by recalling the browser to load FB.XFBML.parse()

Making this slight change.

Inside your template find this code


Replace it with this

onclick='javascript:commentToggle("#fb-comments"); FB.XFBML.parse();'

Let me know if it works :innocent:


@Mohammad Thanks a lot of Brother. You are always great. I wanted to help too many person but they could not solve this problem. You are the only person who could solve it.

Thanks again.


All credit goes to your efforts for trying it out!

Always welcomed :blush:



Bro pls help me. I have integrated fb comment box. i want to show comments in realtime for eg. we both are discussing over something, now you posted the comment in fb comment box, so for seeing your comment i have to refresh the whole web page. i want to see that automatically without refreshing anything.

someone told me to use parse function but i m newbie, so its not possible for me to play with code.

i am using this javascipt sdk

javascript sdk fb comment.txt (565 Bytes)

alongwith this code

html5 comment box.txt (238 Bytes)


@Mohammad @mybloggertricks @Nafees @Shivansh pls help me


Would you please explain about the help you are seeking for.


@mybloggertricks Have you seen disqus ??!! i think you have.

Whenever we (You + Me) are discussing over something in disqus comment box, integrated on my blogger blog. you posted a comment, it will instantly shown to me without having to refresh the whole page.

i want the same functionality in fb comments. right now we (You + Me) are discussing over fb comments box that is integrated on my blogger blog. same case, you posted the comment, now for seeing that comment i have to refresh the whole webpage of my blog manually. after refreshing i will see your comment in comment box. I and none of my user want to refresh the whole web page as i am building a social and political discussion website, where on each and every passing second my comment box will get new comments.

Is there any solution for making fb comment box real time.

If you have any idea then pls help me. I am waiting for your solution.