Experts! Analyse My Blog... need some guidance about my blog


i have started a blog related to computer technology… and its my first month… here is the link …

… please experts see my blog and Comments about my blog… how it is…??? Poor?? Best??? Average??? 1st Month of blogging and Ranking 12000In Pakistan… tell me what should I do for approval of absence account Thanks


Good job. Keep going. I suggest you short your meta description for blog and learn how to write SEO posts. You can get advise through my blog Marketinginfo you can also email me at


Thanks Bro :slight_smile: Please Give Me Comptete URL of ur blog


Here is the URL. marketinginfo dot org you can contact me on email


I think you should fix About and FAQ section by focusing on user experience and expectation. And your HTML sitemap leading user to 404, why?