Examine The Template Of Blogger Guider


Hi, fellows. I hope you are healthy and feeling good too.

Today, I am here because I want the review of my template (you can also say). As most of you know that my blog is Blogger Guider and have a unique template that is created by me.

After so much hard work, I have completed it at last. It has many features like loading effect, floating related post widget and Disqus comments. I have chosen Disqus because it’s responsive enough to make users happy to comment on small devices.

Now, I want you to review it. I think, I had asked you to analyze it some months ago but that time this template was not completed, and now it’s completed. So, kindly review it again.

As you already know, the basis upon which I wish to get your review is:

  • Design
  • Responsivenss
  • Page loading time
  • Any bug
  • UI (User interface)
  • Widgets

Thanks for giving your time for writing the review.

Blog Link: Blogger Guider


I am show your all structure of template and i am tells you that the all widget is good design is also good and i am suggested you that you remove the

Recent Tweets who is seen in template footer

and please customise the your html highligher which is not looks good because of your repeatedly blog name. i am studdy your whole template your template also good to put adsense ads and your template is good only you need to check the above things and i am say you bro dont copy others thing like you copy the **mbt** **Recommended For You** and its not looks good bro your template is enough to people remember yours blog. and personaly i am ask you some littile bit questions bro your blog seo is increases please tell me the reply how your blog`s SEO is improve or say me into my email mukul.lohani1234@gmail.com


Design: Its responsive and I value your hardwork on this point. Its cool and good as a blog. Personally as viewer I am not comfortable with the shadows on post-outer classes.

Page loading time : This is something you’ve pretty good score on, the design is light and cool so loads 1-2 secs on a speed of 8 mbps

Any bug :What I find is sometimes your twitter widget doesn’t load on firefox I mean recent tweets at the bottom.

There is no link to home when on posts and pages. only a breadcrumb link, which generally reader

UI (User interface Experience) : As it is a website not a Software or operating system, interface here is design. I will talk about experience.

Its fine. but in future with this design if you put ads on it, it will look kind of irritating to the user.

Widgets : Very nice collection of widget.

Some recommendations :

1 Add thumbnails to trending posts

  1. Syntax highlighter’s background is set to repeat-Y or just repeat in firefox only.

  2. In mobile, Header text and the effect and the banner widget gets collided with each other.

Over all a good template. You just need to give it a finishing touch!


Dont showcase your email like this, You can ask this in a new topic or PM him your email. Its irrelevant to this topic.

Bro MBT only recommended this to use, this is not copying obviously. its a third party plugin even MBT uses it. Its not the creation of MBT


bro nafees i am tells @Shivansh that create your own template and original don`t create that the others templates looks bro original is original .


Okay Here Are Things Which I Feel about Your Template - :smiley:

  • Nice Design But Little Bit Heavy
  • Remove The Top Links Instead Create A Navbar
  • Increase The Distance From Bottom Of Recommended Posts Widget
  • Recent Tweets Is Also Sometimes Not Working In Chrome !
  • Change Your Read More Button Style (Doesn’t Look Good)
  • Add A Link To Your Homepage In Header (For Easy Navigation)
  • Why Are You Using Different Template For Mobiles ? Instead Make The Default Template Responsive Using Media Queries.
  • Too Much Shadow Used In Read More Button ! (On Hover)
  • Add A Related Posts Widget (For More Attraction)
  • The Wanna Share ?? Line Doesn’t Look Good , Therefore Change It To - Share This Post
  • Correct The spelling From Sponsers To Sponsors . (Grammar Mistake)
  • Remove The Jumping Effect !
  • Don’t Remove The Recommended Posts Credit ! (Limk Widget)
  • Liked The About Author Widget !
  • Decrease The Width And Height Of Feature Post Image (In Posts)

So these are some of my suggestions to you.

BTW template is nicely coded and i think you’ll make it more stable and great looking :smiley:

Happy Blogging :blush:


Page load time is very high 7.29sec.

The recent tweets section should have full page width, its is not being stretched in the sidebar portion (in the homepage).

The width of the blog header should be reduced as much of the display are is being taken by it only, giving very less post content to be displayed in a single view.

You can shift the floating social sharing widget to the left, there you can get more hits.

In catch us socially section (footers), padding should be properly done. There the things are overlapping each other (when the window is not maximized).


@kingmuku, thanks for reviewing the blog.

  • Now, first thing is- Please consider giving some reasons why should the Recent Tweets widget should be removed.

  • Second, I haven’t copied the title from MBT. As said by @Nafees, it’s just a third party website that is providing a floating relating post widget or you can say that floating recommendation box. So, it’s surely not a copy.

@Nafees, thanks for your review. :smile:

  • Thanks. About issue of shadows, can you recommend any other style? I really can’t thank about it. I once tried to remove the shadow, but then it started appearing ugly. :frowning:

  • Yes. It was even faster when I hadn’t installed viglink.

  • Actually, I never found any need for it. Peoples can go to home just by removing post URL from the URL. But, surely, I shall find a post for it soon on the template.

  • It’s only because that twitter widget runs using the API of tweecool and so, sometimes because Internet connection or any other issue, it gets failed to load. I will surely do something about it in some days.

  • Yes. In future, I shall customize the template for ads especially.

  • Recommendations:

  • It looks clean without a picture on the side of it and it also looks attractive without pictures. The reason is- Almost every blog adds images with popular posts, and that’s why, it’s now habitual to see it with pictures.

  • Done.

  • Scree size please.

@Kingmuku, suppose, you have installed AddThis, and your competitor installed it too, then would you say that now his template is not original? Bro, it’s just a third-party widget.

@ngtechzone, thanks for your valuable review.

  • The design (codings) are not heavy at all. As @Nafees reported, it’s loading in a couple of seconds. You may feel the design heavy because of effects but, to do those effects, I haven’t used much CSS and JavaScript or jQuery.

  • The top links stay with the user where it is. So, adding a navbar will not be a good idea, I think.

  • I tried what you have said. It’s not looking good after increasing the distance from the bottom.

  • It’s only because of your internet or anything else. I will do something about it within some days.

  • What bad in it? Consider giving some reasons. :slight_smile:

  • They are not different templates. Please see it carefully. They are templates with different headers only that can be done using mobile conditional tags.

  • Recommendation box is enough I think.

  • It’s not The Wanna Share. It’s Wanna Share? These type of words attract user’s eyes. Just requesting for sharing is now the old method for getting shares.

  • I just removed it. It was for testing.

  • Of which jumping effect you are talking about? If back to- top’s then consider giving reasons.

  • The author of limk had commented on my blog advertising limk. That’s why I removed it angrily. I have added it back.

  • Thanks.

  • I can’t understand :(. Please try to add any screenshot. @ngtechzone.

@NamanKumar, if you count it in figures, then it’s loading time is surely enough to be mentioned. It’s actual loading speed is shown in this picture that I don’t think is gigantic:

  • I don’t want to let it stretch.

  • Yes. I will so it surely on coming days. :smile:

  • But, don’t you read it after maximizing the window? My template is responsive for only screens whose devices are available. I have not made it responsive for all screen sizes because there is no need to make it.

It will be a pleasure for me if someone gives reasons (where I have asked). Thanks!


you are checking the pagespeed from san jose server, which is the fastest one they have at pingdom. just check it from other servers. you can reach me on instagram: @namank1411


@NamanKumar, adding signatures like you are adding are promotional in nature. Avoid adding them. They are against the rule of forum too. You can check it.

I don’t know which of those servers is fastest one. I just clicked. I will check my template from other servers too and try to reduce it’s loading speed.


Bro My Internet Is Broadband ! And It’s Bandwidth Speed Is Around 250-500 KBPS !

Recommendation Box Shows Posts Which Are Trending Whereas Related Posts Widget Shows Posts With Same Tags Therefore Adding Them Will Only Be Helpful To You :smiley:

The Word “Wanna Share?” Doesn’t Actually Specify What You Want From Your Readers. I Mean Are You Asking A Question Or Forcing The Readers To Share ??

The reason why you should remove the jumping effect (Back To Top) is that its JS is big and the smple is best. Just adding smooth scroll on top button is sufficient :sunny:

Try To Keep 50-60% OF Featured Image Width As The Full Width Image Confuses The Mind.

Your Template Size Is Quite Big So Either Compress IT Or Remove Too Many Effect !


Oh dear, who said you that the JavaScript of that back-to-top button is big. It’s not big and heavy at all.

Now, that recommendation box never shows trending posts. Please search about it’s meaning on Google. It’s helpful because it shows content related to the current post. You can join limk and read the data their.

I am asking question. Not forcing.

I can’t understand what you are saying. :frowning: I have not added any CSS that makes it’s width: 100%. It’s already 20% according to post-outer.

My template’s size is not big Nitishk. Actually the thing is- I have used CSS to create effects and all element of pages whereas, some blogs like MBT use images. Images are big (in size) that’s why I used CSS. I think, using CSS instead of Images is a wise technic for improving blog’s loading time.


Sorry I may have understand a different js for the jumping effect :sunny:

Okay Go To Any Post And See If All Three Posts Are Categorised In The Same Tags !

I’f you’ve added no css for it then add so that you can decrease the width of the image.

Try Minifying The Whole CSS :smiley:



Limk doesn’t work on the basic of labels of Blogger. I said you, go to limk and read how it works.

I don’t think there is a need to decrease the size of width because it’s fine. It’s not big, and it’s not too small.

Surely, minifying is a technic that compress CSS and make it light weight but now, there is no need of it if you have not HTTPS enabled because Blogger (I’m not sure whether it is chrome or Blogger) compresses all the CSS that we store under ]]></b:skin> in our template. But it compresses only when the user opens the blog. It never compresses the CSS of the main template.


I’ve Already Read That And Limk Uses Blog Feed To Catch The Posts And Show Them Randomly To The Visitors , whereas related posts widget shows posts with same labels and not randomly.

It’s All Your Choice but it’s not looking good for me !


Open Your Blog Source And See That The CSS is not minified !


Yeah. I just got that but they were getting minified automatically some days ago and it confused me.

Now, the second reason because of which I have not minified CSS is-

I keep changing the styles of my template and minified CSS totally looks confused and then it requires more time to edit it. That’s why I have not minified it.

And about Limk, I will surely come up with the information you need or I need within a day. Let me find more information about that widget.


That’s The Reason Why I’ve Also Not Minified My Blog’s Css Too ! :wink:


Also Your Blog PageSpeed Insight Score Is Not Good , Increase It :smiley:


ufff… u mean I’m promoting Instagram. haha :stuck_out_tongue: you are really funny a times.



No. You are promoting your own profile. There was no need of leaving “you can reach me on instagram: @namank1411” when users can contact your using PM.